What is Fobacor?

It all began more than 40 years ago when Antonio Barca, an attentive and profound connoisseur of this world, undertakes the challenge that will then be taken up in 1998 by the two cousins ​​Sergio Barca and Antonio Fossa, who will found Fobacor. The 2006 is the year when Sergio’s brother Dario Barca joined the company.

The company confirms itself and grows offering a wide assortment of frames: over 1000 samples, all available, customisable and always ready for delivery.

The quick service, the customer care and his needs combined with the mastery of the finishes, place the company as a leader in Italy and abroad.

The quality of the materials used, the competitive prices, the wide range of products, from classic to contemporary, the high professionalism and competence of the master craftsmen make Fobacor a landmark even for the most demanding customers.

The autonomous and internal production of the material allows to have articles always ready for delivery and a customization of any profile respecting 100% customer’s requests, guaranteeing speed in service and delivery.